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How to Get an Awesome Photo Booth at Your Denver, Grand Junction, or Colorado Wedding

February 27, 2017

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I’m super excited to have the best wedding and event photobooth available in Denver, Grand Junction and all over Colorado! Here’s how it came to be.

So I was at this photography conference in January. Determined to learn and not spend any money at their mini trade show. Buying big things was not even on my mind since I became a Canon to Nikon convert at the end of last year and just put down way too much money on camera gear. But low and behold I passed by a booth that sells photo booths that make gifs and I was interested. So I got one. And now here we are with me telling you about it. Maybe I’m just a sucker for good ideas, but I think having one of these at a wedding would be pretty awesome!

Now that I have the thing in my very own hands I’m even more pumped about it than ever. Let me tell you why you’re going to want me to bring this with me when I photograph your wedding.

1. It’s incredibly flexible, small and can fit just about anywhere at your wedding. There’s no big magical setup or a huge space you need to provide to have this at your wedding.

2. It makes gif files. Yep! Instead of your usual photo, you can use this photo booth to make gif files instead. It’s a bit like the boomerang app for Instagram. These are way more fun and interactive. People will spend tons of time hanging out and having fun in the booth!

3. You don’t have to worry about prints or fancy things. Instead of having to print things out or send out a gallery to your friends and family afterward they can access the digital gif photo in seconds because after they take it, they can text it to themselves. Voila! That’s it! You will also get a gallery of all of the gifs at the end of the night to redistribute to friends and family.

4. You can add it on to your wedding for only $99 with me. I know, that’s ridiculous, but I want you to have it there, so let’s make it happen. If you want to add it to your wedding with me, but you’ve already booked, just let me know, and we can iron out all the details. If you haven’t hired me to photograph your wedding, but want this awesome photobooth, you can do two things. Either, hire me. Or, hire the photobooth separately. It has its own pricing and for separate bookings.

5. It’s portable! Let’s say you’re hiring me for a Lord of the Rings costumed shindig near St. Louis (you know who you are), and you want a photo booth? This one I can throw in my luggage and bring with me no problem.









Here’s a lovely video you can watch on how this thing works. You can also find out more about pricing on my website.


I also want to note that it books on a first come, first-serve basis as a separate entity. If you’re interested in having both the photobooth and I available for your wedding inquire as soon as possible! There’s a perk for Grand Junction folks, a discount for any event in Grand Junction that needs this photobooth to make it extra awesome! Also, it only runs for a set amount of hours, so when you book me for your wedding, it works when I work. I won’t be able to leave it behind and pick it up later. That’s okay, though; you will love having your friends and family do this while I photograph all the action on the dance floor and elsewhere at the wedding reception! Shoot me an email in my contact form or if you already have my email and let me know if you’re ready to add it and we will rock it out!


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