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Announcing Feminist Disrupted | My Muggle Life

February 12, 2018

My Muggle Life

I did a thing. Actually, we did a thing. And by we I mean my new business partner L. Glenise Pike and I. In my muggle life I’ve opened yet another business venture. This will now be the sixth business I’ve had the pleasure of founding and running. Throughout my entrepreneurship history, being a wedding photographer has led me down many paths. To make space for this new one, I’ve closed down a couple of my others. Of course, I’ll still be photographing weddings. That’s my number one. That’s the original business. I just closed down a couple of the others I didn’t have the time to pour my heart and soul into anymore because I wanted to do that work over at Feminist Disrupted instead.

So, what is Feminist Disrupted you ask? Well, it’s a place for learning about diversity and inclusion. As a self-employed person, entrepreneur, business owner, creative, and a photographer all rolled into one I can tell you that one of the biggest resources I am missing in business is some human resources department. I’m often on my own and over the years have figured out more and more what I need to do to be inclusive in business and promote diversity in the best way I know how. I am still learning and still making mistakes, but I’m doing the best I know how at the moment. I met my business partner L. Glenise who is also a photographer in Colorado but has been doing diversity and inclusion consulting for many years. We both needed a partner for this business to make things happen. We compliment each other’s skills in ways that I love.

As such, I am so excited to announce being part of this new venture and being able to offer these kinds of resources to entrepreneurs. We are offering online courses, workshops, events and downloadable tools all about diversity and inclusion. Some of the topics we’ll cover are things like unpacking racism, working with the LGBTQ+ community, gender identities, gender presentations, gender expressions, sexual orientations, diverse body types, ableism, cultural appropriation and so much more. I could post a list forever here of all the topics I’m excited to help bring to self-employed people. I know learning more about these topics as a business owner has opened my eyes to the mistakes I’ve made and made me a bit uncomfortable as a result. However, I know that discomfort is where growth lives so I’m okay with it and I love what being an inclusive business means and how fulfilling it is.

I’d love for any of my followers here to check it out and share with their fellow creatives, entrepreneurs, and self-employed friends who need these tools! If this interests you, click the link below to join the mailing list! Shout out to our amazing friend Kyla Fear for our photos.

You can find out more about my muggle life along with wedding tips, wedding and engagement photos, tips for photographers, and a bit about my fitness journey on the blog. If you love this stuff join me on Instagram or Pinterest too!

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