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What Happened to Photography Awesomesauce?

February 15, 2018

For Photographers

So, where is the Photography Awesomesauce website? Well, it’s moved on. Photography Awesomesauce was a blog I created when I took my photography business full time in 2012. When I started the blog I had no idea how big or how much impact it would have. With a background and a degree in teaching art, I loved sharing what I learned as I learned it. I found a community, friends I wouldn’t have otherwise and everything was great. It grew and morphed into many different things and last Fall in 2017 I decided to shut it down and leave up the blog for awhile as an archive. However, I’m ready to move on – not pay for the enourmous hosting fees (it’s a big site and had over 9.5 million unique visitors in its time). So…welcome to my little education world. Instead of a big blog, with its own platform and social media to manage I’m keeping it low key over here with Carrie Swails Education.

If you purchased an online course in recent years on Photography Awesomesauce you can still find them around, but I’m developing a whole host of new courses and even bringing back some long time favorites. If you loved my Get Legit class that helped you with income taxes, LLCs, business licensing and all that other official stuff – I’ve still got it!

You’ll also be able to find some reviews of my favorite products, what’s in my bag and more tools as I find a need and the inspiration to develop them. In the meantime check out what’s new:

Looking forward to carrying on with some low-key education over here in my “For Photographers” section of my website. Have fun and explore it and hopefully I’ll see you around more often for weekly tips and more.

You can find out more about my muggle life along with wedding tips, wedding and engagement photos, tips for photographers, and a bit about my fitness journey on the blog. If you love this stuff join me on Instagram or Pinterest too!

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