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Boulder Wedding Photos | Dayna + Jason

March 26, 2018


This blog post with Dayna and Jason’s Boulder wedding photos was originally posted 11/11/13, but through years of growth and change it was a bit lost in the archives, and the photos were no longer displaying. Today I’m bringing it back!

Boulder wedding photos are some of my favorite photos to take. For whatever reason the couples are just hip and cool, everything is relaxing. I always have a great time with my clients and boulder weddings. This wedding with Dayna and Jason was at the Sunrise Amphitheater at Flagstaff just above Boulder in the Flatirons.

The ceremony was in the morning, and I was lucky to have my husband be there too because these were our friends from his work who were getting married. They had put together a small wedding ceremony and reception for their friends and a few family members since they knew at the end of the summer they would be moving! Almost everyone there was a work buddy of my husband, and you’ll be able to see him in one of the photos below.

This wedding was offbeat. First of all, Daisy helped meet and greet everyone with her kisses, dog fur, and slobber. These are the best kind of greetings in my opinion. We did photos of Dayna and Jason before the ceremony, but they spent a lot of time meeting and greeting their guests. Once the ceremony started, they walked down the aisle together after Daisy and said their quick vows. Daisy enjoyed sunbathing during the ceremony. After their first kiss, they did a high five and walked back up the aisle together.

The reception followed with some brunch food from the Dining Hall at Chautauqua just down the mountain side. It was an awesome day, and I was glad to be part of it! I hope I get to do more Boulder weddings like this one at the amphitheater!

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