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Denver Engagement Photos | Leah + Kalvin

March 22, 2018


This blog post with Leah and Kalvin’s engagement photos originally posted 6/3/13, but through years of growth and change it was a bit lost in the archives, and the photos were no longer displaying with the actual blog post story. Today I’m bringing these photos back because this session was pretty awesome. Leah and Kalvin invited me over to their home, to meet their dogs and had set up a whole bunch of fun props in the park across the street from their home. We got up at sunrise, and they finished the session making breakfast together to eat on their porch. It was a perfect reflection of their weekends together.

The absolute best times of the day to photograph are when the sun rises, or the sun sets. In the world of photography, we call those times of day “golden hour” because the sunlight is soft and golden for about an hour. As a photographer it’s always easy to do photos at the end of the day, in fact, I don’t even bother trying to convince people to get up at the butt crack of dawn for a photoshoot with me. I’m cool, but I’m just not that cool. So, when Leah and Kalvin emailed me and asked if they could do their photoshoot at sunrise and then have me photograph them making breakfast together, I was all kinds of giddy. I’ve always wanted to do cooking together as a photoshoot. If anyone wants to do engagement photos at the farmers market and then have me follow you home and photograph you cooking together – I’m your girl!

I had planned for it to be a pretty casual shoot and when I got to Wash Park there they were with all kinds of awesomely cool eclectic props from their house set up! Leah has a thing for pigs, so I got to see a lot of pigs at this shoot and in their home. They also brought their dogs, Mendi and Rosco. As we all know, I love dogs. Anyway, I had such an awesome time photographing them in the park and watching them make breakfast and chill with the dogs. They’re an incredible couple, and they’re getting married at one of my favorite wedding venues, Meadow Creek Bed and Breakfast in Pine. I, seriously, can’t wait to see their wedding in August!!!

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