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Denver Engagement Photos | Sarah + Milo

March 11, 2018


This blog post with Sarah and Milo’s Denver engagement photos was originally posted 3/29/13, but through years of growth and change it was a bit lost in the archives, and the photos were no longer displaying. Today I’m bringing it back to life because these two were fantastic to work with. Reflecting back on my business then and where it was today, I credit these two with my inspiration to work with more and more non-traditional clients over the years. I just met them and loved Sarah’s amazing personality and their wedding was out of this world, still one of my top favorites (don’t worry, I’ll be resharing it with you too).

Sarah and Milo’s wedding is only a few short weeks away in May and I can’t wait. They are just one of the sweetest couples I’ve had the pleasure of working with. We’re all into the same kind of nerdy and geeky hobbies, like Dungeons and Dragons. That gives us lots of room to discuss some nerdy things that other people outside our nerd life might not quite understand. Anytime Dungeons and Dragons players end up as my clients, we always take the time to exchange stories about our favorite characters we’ve ever made or ridiculous things that have happened on quests we’ve done. I was lucky to fill my high school life with Dungeons and Dragons friends, so all my memories are a bit dated and unlike these awesome clients, I haven’t played recently.

We took engagement photos at a park that Sarah and Milo love, it’s a frequent hang out for them. We had some gorgeous light, some cool trees, and of course some awesome people! Can’t wait until May when they get married at Meadowcreek Lodge up in Pine!

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