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Denver Wedding Officiant Headshots | Maree

July 27, 2018


I’m not usually a head shots or portraits photographer, but when one of your favorite people in the universe asks you to photograph them, you always say yes. These are the headshots of Married by Maree, a Denver wedding officiant. I think she’s the best officiant you could ever have marry you anywhere. I wish she had officiated my own wedding.

Before we get to the photos of Maree, I just want to say a few things about her. I met her when she walked up to a booth I had at a wedding expo. Usually my least favorite thing about exhibiting at wedding expos is when wedding vendors attend the show and try and hit me up for second shooting gigs, networking and the like. While I’m exhibiting I want to be connecting with clients, right? However, when Maree came up to my booth it was different. She totally gets it about wedding shows and there was just some spark to her personality that drew me in.

We ended up connecting and it was one of the best fellow wedding vendor network connections I’ve made. While we haven’t worked every wedding together – I wish we did. Maree does a few things that I think make her unique as an officiant.

  1. She specializes in less traditional weddings like I do. She does fun things like get credentials for being a Priestess of Dudeism, an Ordained Jedi Knight, and a Pastafarian Minister. She has crazy hair colors like I do. On her website she even lists what her hair color is for the year – she’s just cool like that. She’s fun and always smiling. One of the most positive and enjoyable wedding vendors to work with.
  2. She writes the most custom wedding ceremonies you could imagine. It’s not an easy talent, but Maree nails it every time. Now that I know her beyond just a vendor relationship, I love getting texts every now and then that tell me about some rad custom ceremoney she wrote. Or sometimes before we have a wedding together, she’ll spill all the unique things she managed to work into our clients’ ceremonies. The custom ceremonies she writes are worth having at a big wedding, or even at a small elopement.
  3. Maree shows up early, stays late, and does everything with a smile on her face. After photographing hundreds of weddings I can tell you I’ve met my fair share of sour officiants. I’ve even seen an officiant show up a few hours late to a wedding, drunk. Maree is professional and fun. That shouldn’t be unique in her trade, but it is. When it comes to the person who is going to marry you – I think it’s important to have someone there who is an ally for you, wants the best for you and is dedicated to making that happen. That’s definitely Maree. I’m not even saying that as her friend either. I’m saying that’s one of the reasons we’ve become friends. She takes care of her clients with passion and conviction and I love her for it.

Now that I’ve sold you on how amazing Maree is, I should probably tell you that she didn’t pay me to write this post for her. I’m just saying these things because I believe them to be true. Although it wouldn’t hurt if she and I could work more weddings together. I do get jealous when I see her working with other photographers because I want to be HER NUMBER ONE FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPHER OF ALL TIME. However, I’m happy even if you book just her without me. Knowing people are out there having fantastic ceremonies fulfills me.

Below are the photos and a video of one of my favorite weddings Maree and I have worked together, a wedding we threw for a couple on a float in the 2017 Denver PRIDE Parade. It’ll give you a great feel for the kind of amazing vows, passion and enthusiasm she gives to all her clients! The video is by my awesome friends Ray and Melissa who are the owners of Under the Garter in Denver (my favorite boudoir photography team ever and the reason I no longer shoot boudoir – why have me when you can have them?!)

Married by Maree Denver Wedding Officiant Denver Wedding Officiant Married by Maree Denver Wedding Officiant Married by Maree Married by Maree Married by Maree Denver Wedding Officiant Married by Maree Married by Maree Married by Maree Married by Maree Denver Wedding Officiant Denver Wedding Officiant Married by Maree

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