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Star Trek and Doctor Who Nerd Wedding | Lizzy + Andrew

July 26, 2018


Lizzy and Andrew’s Star Trek and Doctor Who nerd wedding really shouldn’t be limited to only those two fandoms. This wedding had a little bit of everything in it. From guests wearing costumes to Lord of the Rings references, Harry Potter sorting hat wedding cakes, and more…it was a sight to behold for nerd eyes. Whenever I photograph these nerd weddings I often get feedback from the wedding industry that these types of clients must not be as serious about their wedding as other more “normal” weddings. After specializing in non-traditional weddings for years, I think that kind of statement couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything, I feel my nerdy wedding clients have even more conviction than an average Pinterest-styled traditional wedding. These are the kind of people who aren’t afraid of letting their true passions show and owning up to them in front of all their closest friends and family. That level of vulnerability and openness is something I hope to live by all my life. When we’re vulnerable with our true selves, we may open ourselves up to judgement, but the other things we open ourselves up to are the most rewarding. So when two equally nerdy and passionate people like Lizzy and Andrew have an amazing nerd wedding – y0u know they’re madly in love, find common ground over their deep passions for nerd stuff, and have created a wedding day that’s truly their own. It’s a reflection of the kind of people they are on the inside and it’s not about what other people think weddings should look like on the outside.

That said, now you know why these weddings and clients like Lizzy and Andrew are my jam. I just love these people. Lizzy had a couple different wedding dresses, and the most fantastic blue hair I’ve ever seen. I also love me a good set of groomsmen in Star Trek uniform. One of my favorite things about non-traditional weddings is that I’m always learning new and interesting things about the people I am lucky enough to photograph in my line of work. At this wedding I learned that Lizzy is not only into karaoke, but also an absolutely incredible singer. She got up and did karaoke for all the guests, but I feel like karaoke isn’t even the best word to describe the talent behind her singing voice. It was a treat. She also did a jam session dance with her dad that I have yet to see at another wedding.

Cheers to these two, all the nerd things and having a happily ever after just like this!

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