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Redlands Community Center Wedding | Brenna + Forrest

November 5, 2018


Some weddings are big and busy, and others are intimate and relaxing. Brenna and Forrest’s Redlands Community Center wedding was the intimate and relaxing kind. As part of a busy wedding season this Fall, it was exactly the kind of wedding I needed in October. Just a small group of extremely meaningful guests, good food, laughter, and even some dance-party fun. I think weddings like this have it all because you have the time to visit with every one of your guests, and you get a vibe for the kind of community of friends and family you have supporting you. Brenna and Forrest have the best possible kind. They even had some of my previous clients from this year at their wedding. If you’re asking where that blog post is, it’s coming. Katie and Phil, the previous clients in question, got married during my first trimester of pregnancy and I, unfortunately, had to prioritize morning sickness over blogging for a while there! 😉 That doesn’t mean they are any less some of my favorite people. I wish all four of these awesome clients lived nearby because both of their weddings felt like the kind where I was just hanging out with really awesome fellow nerd friends. You can see a photo of all the awesome clients and I at the end because that just needs to be there and we took a similar photo back in May too.

This wedding though, with these two dinosaur-loving people in the Fall, was pretty awesome. Between the perfectly wonderful stories about how they met, and their lives before the wedding during the ceremony and speeches, and just the vibe in the room, I knew I was in good company. Brenna and Forrest are two amazing people who have that genuine love that’s full of laughter! It’s my favorite kind!

Attire: David’s Bridal and Men’s Warehouse
Venue: Redland’s Community Center – Grand Junction, Colorado
Catering: Have Cooker Will Travel
Desserts: Pistachio Bakery


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