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How long until I get the photos?

My contract guarantees a 2-3 week turnaround. However that lengthy time is just in case of an emergency. Clients typically receive their photos in 7-10 days after their wedding.

Do I get all the photos? How many photos do I get?

I cull out test shots and duplicates or anything that would waste your time. I do like to include as many photos as I can, even ones that aren't my personal favorites because I know those shots tell the story of your wedding day. I love to include bloopers. A typical wedding ends up with about 75-100 per hour, which is more than one photo per minute.

Do you have insurance?

I do! If you need a copy for your wedding venue, just let me know!

What gear do you use? Do you have backups?

I have an arsenal of professional Nikon camera bodies, lenses, and accessories. I have backups for my backups. The gear is just a tool and isn't as integral to great imagery as the person using it. 

My wedding is not mainstream, is that ok?

I believe that what we see in mainstream wedding media is not inclusive of the diverse people actually getting married. I specialize in weddings that are not mainstream. I have photographed many weddings with diverse skin tones, plus size bodies, polyamorous celebrations, alternative spiritualities, gender identities and more. Your non-mainstream wedding is not only welcome here, but celebrated! I hope I get to help be an advocate for you through the wedding process. 

Are you comfortable shooting in dark areas or with flash?

Absolutely! Using flash is one of my favorite things. I have an arsenal of flashes and accessories to make some kickass images during your wedding reception. If you're up for it I always love setting up an epic night shot toward the end of the evening with just my clients. If you give me an extra 15 minutes we can make some magic happen!

Where are you located?

I live on the Western Slope of Colorado in a very small remote town. The closest big city (and grocery store) is in Grand Junction. However, I photograph weddings in Denver, Steamboat Springs, Grand Junction, Vail, Telluride, Crested Butte, Aspen, Glenwood Springs and anywhere in the State of Colorado. My prices are the same no matter where you're celebrating in state. I often travel out of state for weddings when rad, nerdy, costumed, offbeat or alternative people need me to be there. You just add $750 onto my packages to take me with you anywhere in the continental United States.

Can my uncle/cousin/friend take photos too?

Sure! As long as your photography-loving guests don't mind me having priority over all the must have shots. The only time I keep the photography to myself is when we take photos of just the couple alone. That way I can work my magic without interruption. 

Do you offer prints or digital files?

I offer both. Digitals are always included in my base prices because I understand the value of having them. However, prints are equally as important. Your prints and albums are the things that you share sitting at grandma's kitchen table as you hear stories. Canvases are for displaying your photos in your home and celebrating all those most important memories by enjoying them every day when you walk past. I see a lot of value in both. I offer a variety of prints, canvases and album options for my clients so they can have something tangible to walk away with and pass on for generations.

Who is your second shooter?

My second shooter may vary at weddings depending on who is available. I work with a small local group of equally talented wedding photographers who all know my business inside and out. I promise my second shooter is always just as awesome as me.

How do I book?

To reserve your wedding date I take a retainer of 50% of your total booking. The remainder is due by the wedding date. When you're ready to book I take care of all payments and the signing of your contract online. 

I have a Pinterest board full of poses I like, can we copy them at my wedding?

We could, but then we're spending the majority of your time manufacturing wedding moments instead of actually living them. It's important to me that you get to live in the moment during your wedding and celebrate with all your friends and family. Instead of copying images from Pinterest I want you to focus on living it up on your wedding day while I'm there to capture all those candid moments and memories as they happen. Relationships with my clients are integral to my work. The more you trust me, the more creative I'm able to be while taking photos. The more creative I am, the more epic the photos will be. Instead of copying other people's epic photos, we'll create a new set together that everyone else will be wanting to copy at their weddings! ;)

Do you offer discounts?

I do not offer discounts. Pricing is a la carte so you can build a package that best suits your budget.

Can you do a black and white photo and make just my shoes, flowers, or eyeballs in color?

Nope. It's ugly. You want your photos to look timeless.

Do I own the copyright to my photos?

As the photographer I retain the copyright, but all my clients get personal use rights to print and share their digital images on their own as much as they'd like.

What happens in an emergency?

I'm lucky to be close with other wedding photographers in the industry. When something happens to one of us we all pitch in to ensure our clients are always collectively taken care of. Should something happen to me one of them would step in and they're of equal quality (if not more awesome) than me. That said, being a wedding photographer is not a business where we get sick days. If you choose not to book a second shooter, but I became ill and didn't feel I could give it my best, I would bring a second shooter on me to ensure you received the experience you deserved on your wedding day.

Do you travel for weddings?

Always! I'm game for anywhere rad people want to take me! My prices listed include travel in the state of Colorado or to Moab Utah. If you want me to come with you outside of these places just add $750 and fly me anywhere in the continental United States. If you're getting married somewhere exotic outside of the continental US, just check with me and I'll check flight prices and that's still the only thing you need to add on!

Does your husband really make the best guacamole in all of time and space?

Yes. The recipe is on my blog. We are generously sharing it with the world because life wouldn't be complete without it.





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