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Hi, I'm Carrie and I photograph offbeat weddings for anyone celebrating in a non-traditional way. When I took my business full time back in 2012, I started a little blog called Photography Awesomesauce. What I didn't know then was how much it would change my business. Over 9.5 million people have visited the website and learned from it. The journey from lowly photographer to blogger, speaker, and educator has been an amazing one, but it's also one that's tough to stop when you have a degree in teaching. This is the place where you'll find a lot of my basic courses and information that's become popular over the years. Even though Photography Awesomesauce is archived now, my journey has led me to an amazing place in Feminist Disrupted, where I get to educate business owners on social justice issues - something I absolutely love! Check it out and while you're here explore the courses, free stuff, and downloads!

photography for offbeat, alternative, rad and Nerdy people

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Shout out to my friend Kyla Fear who took some amazing photos of me!


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located in the remote mountains of colorado (pretending I'm in Middle-earth)