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Carrie Swails is a wedding photographer and co-owner of Feminist Disrupted. She's also the founder of Photography Awesomesauce and has owned several businesses over the years. She has been photographing nerdy, costumed, offbeat weddings and speaking and educating creatives and photographers for close to a decade.

Carrie has owned many businesses including Photography Awesomesauce, Rock Your Weird, and Made in the Lab. In its time, Photography Awesomesauce helped over 9.5 million readers with marketing and other aspects of owning a photography business. After working many years to conquer LGBTQ+ equality in her wedding photography business, she and her business partner L started Feminist Disrupted. Activism and awareness of social justice issues have always been central to business for Carrie as a wedding photographer. Feminist Disrupted helps educators, entrepreneurs, creatives and industry leaders redefine normal as diverse and inclusive. 

Carrie is based in Colorado and is a huge advocate for racial and LGBTQ diversity in the wedding industry. She loves photographing any weddings that are out of the ordinary. Carrie's busy career path as an entrepreneur and her business advice, speaking engagements, and photography have been featured in places like the Bokeh Podcast, The Art of Six Figures,, Offbeat Bride, The BLINK Conference, Six Figure Photography, and countless others. 

Carrie has a husband with a world famous guacamole recipe, too many dogs and is a lifetime Tolkien nerd. She believes wine is like the force; it has a light side and a dark side and holds the universe together. She’s also a keen lover of unicorns, second breakfast and Michelle Obama’s arms.”

photography for offbeat, alternative, rad and Nerdy people


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Shout out to my friend Kyla Fear who took some amazing photos of me!


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located in the remote mountains of colorado (pretending I'm in Middle-earth)