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One of the things I get told most via email is, "You seem so cool. I love your work. I'm in Colorado and I'd love to meet up for coffee!"

The truth is, I am SUPER cool and my photos could be worse. However, when I say I live in the super remote mountains of Colorado - I mean remote. I live about 90 miles from the closest grocery store in state. Which means I can't get to coffee or wine hangouts very easily. I wish I could!

Time becomes more valuable than ever when you live so far from daily necessities and spend a good deal of time traveling. That's why I'm very realistic about my availability to mentor or meet everyone to hang out. It may not seem like it, but this introvert loves every second of being at home in my pajamas and a beanie. Those moments are few and far between for me these days and I'm prioritizing balancing time for myself, my family, my furry puppies, and time for living life while running too many businesses. I've failed a lot at it in the past and I'm working hard at successfully balancing time right now.

If you're positive I'm the right person to mentor you and would love to meet for coffee or wine, shoot me an email and I can send you my mentoring prices - and we can totally have coffee or wine via Skype while we talk shop and my dogs run around in the background!

photography for offbeat, alternative, rad and Nerdy people


Yep that's star wars font. The force is with me

Shout out to my friend Kyla Fear who took some amazing photos of me!


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located in the remote mountains of colorado (pretending I'm in Middle-earth)