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Two pricing OPTIONS 

hourly prices + Extras
+ A La Carte Stuff

package of awesomeness

- $400/hour
- Minimum of 6 hours

The hourly fee takes me anywhere in Colorado and includes print rights to your finished digital files so you can print and share with your friends and family as much as you'd like!

- Engagement Session: $500+ (depending on location)
- Second Photographer: $300
- Travel out of Colorado to anywhere in the continental US: $750

LOOKING FOR LESS HOURS? Talk to me about my elopement pricing for smaller weddings and elopements.

- 7 hours of wedding day coverage
- Second photographer
- 1 hour engagement session in Grand Junction, CO

This package also includes print rights to your finished and edited photos so you can print and share with friends and family as much as you'd like. It also includes a second photographer and a 1 hour engagement session in Grand Junction. I love having my clients do a "date day" and take a day off. Explore the mountains then meet up with me for wine or beers and dinner and we'll go photograph in the mountains at sunset! If you want to do an engagement session elsewhere just inquire about extra travel fees. 

Need more time? Just add it on hourly!

The rule about pricing is supposed to be that you don't talk pricing, but I figure let's just get it all out there because it's always going to be an awkward thing. 

When you book me to photograph your wedding, you're paying for so much more than someone with a working brain, who happens to have a nice camera, to come to your wedding and document. I do have great cameras and gear that aid me in getting awesome shots, but my experienced wedding photographer brain is what does most of the work. I'm there to help direct the day to get the most flattering shots possible in the best light, help you through all the wedding and timeline planning to ensure you get to enjoy your day and not just feel like you're going from one photo opportunity to the next, and to process your photos so you have a beautiful cohesive collection of memories from your wedding day. I'll help you avoid those stiff awkward poses and create an atmosphere that lends itself to those photojournalistic candids you love. Ultimately you're paying for 10 years of experience photographing weddings and my super badass wedding photographer loving skillset. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about my pricing:

- How much is the retainer?
The retainer is 50% to reserve your date and ensure nobody else can book it.

- How do I book?
If you're ready to book, just shoot me an email to see if your date is available and then we can sign the contract and you can pay the retainer. The retainer payment and contract signing is all taken care of digitally online. 

- Can we meet before I book?
I live in an extremely remote part of the mountains in Colorado. The nearest grocery store is 90 miles away from me! That can make it a bit difficult for me to meet all of my clients in-person. However, I'm happy to ease your fears and meet on Skype, Facetime or do a phone call before you book. 

- How soon should I book?
Book as soon as possible. I only take 15 weddings per year to ensure all my clients get the time, respect, and hard work their wedding deserves. 

- When is the final payment due?
Final payment is due by the date of the wedding. However, I do send out your final invoice as soon as we confirm the timeline for the day in case you want to get it out of the way prior to the wedding day.

- The minimum booking is 6 hours. I don't need that many. Do you have options for less hours?
For small intimate weddings with less than 50 guests or elopements I do have options for less hours in my elopement pricing. 

- What if I decide I need more hours later?
You can always add on more time later at the current hourly rate.

- Do you offer prints and albums?
I do! However, you get the digital files included in your pricing so you can always order prints and albums on your own. Check out my information on printing to get more details. 

- Are the digital files included?
Yes! Once the wedding is done I cull through your photos and get rid of duplicates, test shots for lighting and then I edit and process the rest for you. 

- Do you edit the photos?
I sure do! I spend as much time as I do shooting, doing the editing of your photos. I edit them to fix things like exposure, lighting, and any retouching to fix things that are temporary (like blemishes). 

- Do you provide black and white photos?
I love black and white photos, so I provide a copy of all your photos in both color and black and white. That way you don't have to choose. 

- I'm having a costume wedding at the Hobbiton movie set in New Zealand. Will you travel for my wedding?
If you want to take this hobbit to Hobbiton, just pay for my travel and the wedding photography is on me. I'm ready check the box of the number one thing on my wedding photography bucketlist. Also talk to me if you are having a Harry Potter costume themed wedding at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I'll accio over my custom pricing list for that too. 

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