This is a kitchen table. An ugly one. You probably opened this page, looked at it and thought, Carrie Swails is one bizarre chick, putting a photo of up of kitchen table leg on her website. 

What you don't know, is that this photo is the last time I saw this kitchen table. It's gone now. This is the kitchen table at my grandma's house. It was made to match the countertop. When I think of prints and family photos passed down from one generation to the next this is what I think of. This table celebrated many birthdays, Thanksgivings, Christmases and more.

As a little kid I remember being somewhere else at my grandma's house playing and coming into the kitchen, our family's gathering place, to find my mom, grandma and other family members sifting through old shoeboxes of loose photos. The photos were spread out across this table. They're mostly black and white images. Some are flipped upside down and you can see my grandmother's cursive carefully written on the back with names, dates and stories. 

My grandma is 98 this year and last year we moved her into a nursing home, out of this house that my grandpa built for her. She's the most kickass lady you'll ever meet in a nursing home. She knows all the stories about our family and all the generations in the photos. 

Even as an adult I remember gathering here, over coffee and treats, to hear her stories about the photos. My grandfather died when I was younger so my favorite photos are the ones he took of her on their honeymoon. Or maybe the ones he sent back to her while he was at war. In those shoeboxes were also love letters and momentos. When we moved my grandma to the nursing home we sold this table and family divided up all the photos so we can keep telling the stories to future generations.

The thing about digital files is that you cannot have this tangible experience with them. They're great for profile photos on Facebook and showing off on social media. But once the likes are gone, what do you have left? Prints are meant to be displayed and touched. Albums are meant to tell stories. Digital files are meant for archiving or producing these products. That's why it's so important for my clients to get both digital files and tangible products in their experience with me. So maybe your future kids and grandkids will remember you laughing together looking at your wedding album or a momento box full of loose images. 

My philosophy toward printing the digital files I include for all clients, is that I don't care where you print them as long as you print them. You can print through me or somewhere else, just make sure you're creating tangible stories with the memories from your wedding day. 

At no obligation to my clients I do offer custom lay-flat album services and handcrafted momento boxes where you can store those little memories from your wedding along with bits of lace from your dress, a smidge of that perfume you wore or whatever else is part of the story. 

we're all stories in the end, so make it a good one!

Print & PRoduct PRices

- Range in size from 4x6 - 30x40
- Pricing: $2.25-$150.00

- Available with or without a frame. Frame available in black, walnut or white.
- Range in size from 10x10 to 30x40
- Pricing: $30.00 - $280.00

- Albums lay flat and are custom designed
- Leather bound.
- Prices start at $300.00

- These small custom photo boxes are perfect for holding a set of your favorite wedding day photos. Just print out a few 4x6s or 5x7s and fill it up with all kinds of amazing tangible items that evoke stories from your day.
- Available in a variety of sizes and finishes
- Prices start at $100.00

While I do encourage clients to print through me because images are calibrated to look their best through my professional lab, I understand going through a consumer lab as well. So you have no obligation to purchase through me. However, if high quality, archival prints and products are something you want to last and pass down from one generation to the next it's best to invest in quality prints and products. At the very least you deserve one big beautiful canvas from your wedding day to hang in your living room and admire day to day. Print prices are subject to change depending on my professional lab. 

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